How Coach Buys Homes Creates Custom Strategies for Home Sellers in Charleston

Not all home sellers fit perfectly into the traditional real estate listing mold, nor do they reasonably fit into the direct sale category. So Coach Buys Homes has found a way to combine the power of working with a highly educated local real estate agent with the market know-how of a local professional investor into one hybrid agent that can suit all needs. 

If you’re wondering how this hybrid agent model can benefit you, read on as we explore how Coach Buys Homes creates custom strategies for home sellers in Charleston.


One way that Coach Buys Homes creates custom strategies for home sellers in Charleston is by creating a specific marketing plan. The hybrid agents at Coach Buys Homes design a campaign to help sellers compete with high-quality digital imagery and, acting as real estate agents, will research your target buyers, placing your listing on suitable sites. Often, the hybrid agents at Coach Buys Homes hire professional stagers to help enhance the property in the eyes of buyers. With their personal approach to selling, the hybrid agents at Coach Buys Homes strategy lead to increased offers to earn the highest potential profit.

Selling Directly

Acting as an investor who will buy your home directly, providing you with the option to select the most convenient guaranteed closing date is another way that hybrid agents at Coach Buys Homes customize strategies for home sellers in Charleston. Share the important details that add unique value to your property or any hurdles you fear will stand in the way of the sale, and let us customize solutions that help solve your home selling troubles. You can skip all of the prep work, the daily hassle and headaches of staying ready for showings, and the costly repairs because hybrid agent investors at Coach Buys Homes buy homes as-is for cash. You won’t pay any commissions when you sell directly to a hybrid agent at Coach Buys Homes, and there won’t be any hidden fees to come off the top at closing. Because of our full-service in-house team of industry specialists, we save home sellers time and money, you won’t even pay any closing costs. 

Agent/Investor Hybrid Sale

Yet another way that Coach Buys Homes creates custom strategies for home sellers in Charleston is by evaluating your property and then reaching an agreement for your hybrid agent at Coach Buys Homes, acting as a real estate agent,  to earn a commission on the value of your home as it sits. Then, acting as an investor, your hybrid agent at Coach Buys Homes will partner with you, taking on the risks and the expense to improve your property and sell at a much higher price. Your hybrid agent investor from Coach Buys Homes would split the profits above the agreed-upon amount for the commissions when the home sells after repaying themselves for their investment in the repairs or rehabilitation of the house.

A hybrid agent from Coach Buys Homes can help create custom strategies that are the most convenient for home sellers in Charleston, no matter their circumstances, while making the most profit. It’s vital to the hybrid agents and the entire team at Coach Buys Homes that you feel good about working with us long after you’ve left the closing table. At Coach Buys Homes, we’re your neighbors here in Charleston, and we’re proud of our work to improve the community one home, one sale, one owner at a time. You’ll notice at Coach Buys Homes, we treat each seller as an individual and stop to listen carefully about what makes your home unique and the circumstances you face. As a result, the hybrid agents at Coach Buys Homes help homeowners make informed decisions about what may be the most significant financial transaction of their lifetime. Call Coach Buys Homes at 304.936.1948.

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